Monday, March 28, 2011

Obituaries: Wiz Khalifa

CAMERON Jabril Thomaz was born in Minot, North Dakota to a mother and a father serving in the military. Due to his parents’ service, Thomaz spent time in Germany, England and Japan before finally landing in Pittsburgh to attend Taylor Allderdice High School.

A rapper to some, a star to himself, when he was 16, had all the intentions to keep it G. Notorious for taking niggas hoes to smoke hella trees wit em, the young boy fresh was known for rollin blunts of 50s, stuck in his moms basement, havin dro for sale, however niggas was smokin haze then. His stage name ‘Wiz Khalifa’ derived from people saying that he was wise beyond his years, with ‘Khalifa’ meaning successor, Cameron always had a sunny disposition and would never turn down a shot of Tanqueray. From champagne pouring to paper plane twistin, he was never lacking in confidence. Always critical of those speculating that his plane would land, he failed to see that his landing was part of his own doing...

Enjoying growing success as his work progressed over the years, Khalifa’s movement, the ‘Taylor Gang’ was his most positive creation, but later on he would find it was also his most heinous. The ‘Taylors’, growing in numbers, were forever singing his praise, and rightly so. After all, the Kid Frankie inked his whole body and you know what? He never gave a motherfuck.

However it is yet more ‘Taylor Gang’ members who would see to his end. After signing to Atlantic Records in 2010, the Flight School graduate (with honours) had his soul taken from him. Forced to do collaboration after collaboration with ‘Stargate Productions’, they took the young boy’s heart and destroyed it, forever relegating him to the hallowed halls of post-fame. As such, the new-school ‘Taylors’ support him no matter how many unnecessarily poppy, over-synthesised and shitty tracks he puts out now, claiming they had always been there from the beginning. Now these lames fucks wit them blunts full of schwag and rep 'Taylor' as if they mean it. Wiz has had his image defaced by these new ‘Taylors’, having his face used as display pictures on facebook in celebration of the music industry’s latest sacrifice to the lord Baphomet, rather than to mourn the death of such a G.

Once so true to his roots as the Taylor Gang General, the Prince of the City turned dark horse for Los Angeles one day woke up, looked in the mirror and had to shoot the first thing he saw...

A truly sad day for all involved, on the eve of his first album dropping from Atlantic Records, we are gathered here today to mourn the death of Wiz Khalifa. To the ages, we commend your memory, from the jets to the paper planes, still blazin still blazin still blazin...

A tribute to when Wiz was still with us:

Helyetica & dlx.