Sunday, July 31, 2011

Part 2: The 1 Year Anniversary

It's been an entire year since the death of Wiz Khalifa. The moment he put ink to paper was the moment he signed his sorry soul away, leaving himself as just another one in the long line of fake-ass afterthoughts.

A few months ago we wrote Wiz an obituary on the eve of his debut Industry effort, Rolling Papers. Writing this now, I can say his effort far exceeded my expectations of a flop. Not only did he manage to produce a steaming turd of an effort, he managed to find the drive to coat it in an extra layer of turd varnish in the form of synths.

Shitty music aside, there was the little glimmer of hope that this was just a slight blemish, and the Wiz of old would shine through after his obligatory Industry effort. The reason we here at Stash Box took Wiz's death at heart was because he never always used to be a soft ass bitch. There was a time where we used to like Wiz and his music. Whatever expectations I was clinging on to, however, have been dashed, BIG TIME. Not only did Wiz decide to start spitting some weak-ass rhymes, he broke his own principles and decided to submit to the clutches of a bonafide trick-ass bitch.

Who exactly is this triflin ass bitch??

Enter none other than Amber Rose: the woman famous for being Kanye West's former cockpocket. Wiz fell for a bitch who is only interested in hogging his spotlight.

While Amber Rose may have a thick ass and may be a top-notch nasty bitch, it still doesn't excuse the fact that Wiz is pullin some bitch made shit like:
- being straight up soft on Twitter, exchanging cute love tweets
- getting her name tattooed on his finger
- saying she will be "the last girl I’m ever gonna be with".

Wiz Khalifa is a straight up phony. After claiming that he doesn't care about them hoes in countless songs, his true colours show and he ends up falling for the biggest hoe of them all, showing us that he's been frontin the ENTIRE time. This woman ONLY wants the fame, evidenced through her latest "leaked" pics fiasco. Uncle Luke, the godfather of 'not carin about no hoe', sums it up best: "[Wiz Khalifa] can't spot a triflin' woman in the room to save [his life]." Just like all his counterparts in mainstream hip-hop today, Wiz Khalifa has developed into one weak-ass sing-song soft motherfucker.

....aaand to cap it all off, here's footage of Wiz Khalifa being a straight up bitch:

Remember kids, you can't turn a hoe into a housewife...