Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tupac back?

A little over 10 days ago the hip-hop world celebrated (what would have been) Tupac Shakur's 40th birthday on June 16. We here at Stash Box have mad love for Tupac, one of the best in the game, dead or alive. In addition, Pac was one of the realest and baddest motherfuckers to have ever lived.

While the internet media boomed with a bunch of Pac related content consisting of tributes and other rappers recalling memories of Pac, one thing that came out during the period was a new single by Rick Ross and Meek Mill entitled 'Tupac Back'. According to Rick Ross, the record was conceived as a tribute to Pac and his impact on the game. As Rick Ross puts it they were "paying homage to Tupac". Let's have a listen to this homage...

Bringing Tupac back? This track is steaming pile of shit: the same brand of ignant, generic shit on a whack beat being produced these days. Apart from the referencing of several song TITLES (not lyrics) and his name, this track ain't got shit to do with Pac's legacy. Trust Rick Ross (one of the phoniest, fake-ass motherfuckers in the game) and his cronie Meek Mill (who is Meek Mill anyway?) to be making money off Tupac's name through this whack ass song about themselves. Who expected Rick Ross (a.k.a Officer Ricky) to pay proper homage to Tupac in the first place? Is Officer Ricky really making an homage to Pac when he's saying shit like "Brenda's having my baby"? Isn't Brenda's Got a Baby about a 12 year old girl who fell victim to the fucked up shit (underage pregnancy via incest) that happens in the ghetto? Rick Ross don't know shit about shit.

Pac wasn't about that bullshit, he never spit about Mercedes Benzs and brand new rims. There's some words of Pac that I will never forget. This footage is from an interview done in 1994, while Pac was in prison...

What I want people to know is that don't.... don't support the phonies, support the real youknowwhatimean? How can these people be talking about how they so real but they don't care about our communities? How can they be talking about how they all this y'know the hood bahblahblahblahblah they don't care about our communities. Listen to the words people say in they lyrics and tell me, if that's some real shi- if that's real to you? yknowwhatimean? Listen to what they sayin. Dont just bop your head to the beat, peep the game, and listen to what I'm sayin, hold us accountable for it nahmean?
Listen to what people say, watch people. Cuz you can fake for a long time, but one day you gon show yourself to be a phony yknowwhatimean? And that's what alot of people are doin these days.

17 years later, Pac's name ends up getting spit all over the same shit he was telling you to watch out for? Also, Officer Ricky is a prime example of someone who got outed as a phony. Tupac Back = a steaming pile of shit on his legacy.

The good people here at Stash Box are going to pay homage to Tupac's legacy by bringing some of that REAL Tupac vibe back: We are declaring war on these same bitch-made phonies.

To all the fake ass bitches like Meek Mill and Rick Ross, this is what 2Pac is saying from thugz mansion...

Watch out for part 2 of this multiple part expose on fake-ass rappers in the game.....


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